About The Bride
              ...by the groom

Adanne my babygirl, where do I start from????

Adanne is a very likeable, adorable and lovely lady. Your charisma alone symbolizes peace, joy and happiness. You always radiate lovely smiles that beguiles my heart and keeps my lips in praises to God that our paths crossed.

Adanne is a God-fearing, ambitious and motivated young lady. She is very compassionate and soft-heartened. A true personification of a pure and virtuous woman. Her personality showcases a bequest of the milk of human kindness, love, compassion and perseverance flowing through her veins. 

The day I met Adanne was probably one of the best days in my life as I now realize that meeting her was truly divine. She is the lady I have always prayed for and dreamt of all my life and I really cannot believe God made her just as I imagined my wife to be.

Adanne is so caring to a fault, that sometimes I feel like I am disturbed, she wants to know every bit of what am doing while making sure that I am ok. “My baby must be comfy” as she says it.

Meeting you was fate, eventually becoming your friend was a choice and falling for you was beyond my control and was at the inspiration of the Lord.

Sincerely speaking, Adanne, I cannot wait until November to declare our commitment under God in front of our family and friends whom we love so much. 

I pray that God will continue to strengthen our love, relationship, the joy we’ve found in each other and above all, our upcoming marriage. Let’s do this, baby. 

I love you so very much. My love for you is eternal and unconditional.