Our Story
      ...by the bride

One beautiful evening, I was walking by the beach-side with my feet in the water and the breeze blowing through my hair. All seemed so perfect and I thought I was in heaven…… From nowhere I could imagine, was a loud bang. I was so frightened that I fell into the water…. I felt myself being carried away by the waves and I began to scream for help…… All of a sudden, like a Knight, came the man of my dreams, on a white horse. Jumping into the ocean, with strong arms, he stretched out towards me….. I was saved by my HERO……Woah! What a dream…..*laughs*. 

Chris and I actually met at work in a scenario that I would define as ‘An Orchestration from Heaven’. In 2010, I joined the company for my National Youth Service and was deployed to a team in which Chris’s close pal was a member. He was rather nice and ensured that I had a seamless onboarding process into the system; we soon became good friends.

One day, I got a call from him asking if I could join him to check a ride he intended purchasing. Even though I wondered why, I agreed anyways but didn’t know a third person was coming along too. Once again, you guessed right- Chris……. I truly did not have a flash of light from heaven when I saw him…lol…but I noticed some unique things about him and we chatted very freely even though I hadn’t a clue I’ll have to give account of this someday.

Surprisingly, I began seeing Chris more frequently each time I stepped out with his friend and gradually I found myself being caught up in a web of Chris’s attention. Chris developed keen interest in me as we soon began to talk a lot, hang out a lot, and go to church together…

Well, the rest is history…. we fell in love with each other and started dating shortly afterwards. Over time, our love grew stronger and stronger and every day, we have a new reason to thank God for bringing us together.

Our Story
      ...by the groom

I recall the day I noticed Kachi for the first time, appeared much of a coincidence as we both joined a friend to go pick his new ride, of course I queried her presence initially as this was actually the second time I was meeting her with my friend and so I wondered why she was always tagging along and what she was doing on such a “men-only” activity which in all facets contradicted the initial introduction he had given during the first meeting. Well, I was made to understand that she had been invited, as I had initially declined on my availability. I tried to be as friendly as possible as we all chatted away.

Taking a stroll down memory lane………

It all started very much late in 2010 when this very beautiful young lady joined my establishment, unknowing to her, her footsteps were being ordained.

Early January 2011, I had planned to attend a lunch appointment with a colleague and a few external friends, I eventually couldn’t make it outside the office and so we resorted to one of the restaurants within the hood. So we had lunch and discussed freely, and ofcourse I met a few new faces of which Kachi was one of them (basically tagging along my friend, as she was relatively new in the environment) although I didn’t take note of her not until we met again.

So at last, the car check was over, and we were right back in the office, and wanted to go for a quick lunch, surprisingly, Kachi left, at this point I was so certain I deserved an explanation, even though I eventually didn’t get any as there was none when I enquired.

Somehow, I met Kachi again by close of work same day at the car park as she once again tagged along….(your guess is as good as mine), while waiting for a cousin that intended joining her to church that evening, I just had the chance to ask for her number which I didn’t do at the first two meetings.

We talked more frequently afterwards, I also recall receiving few invitations to different church activities, and this gave me an opportunity to know her for who she really is.

The rest is history, Kachi and I started hanging out together and seeing ourselves after work hours, our parents soon got to know about it, and our relationship grew like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither as we found joy in each other.